SoonBau, established in 1987 specializes in manufacturing screw header punches and dies. Providing better quality and service has long been our main consideration. We are able to accept large amount of orders for standard parts and also non-standard orders with a small amount. We are willing to face customers’ requirement and deal with it carefully. If you are searching for a competent manufacturer of punches and dies, we welcome the opportunity to show how we have become known as a trustworthy company in this industry.

Please visit our tooling pages for more information, and let us know your requirements or send us samples/drawings, we will quote you accordingly.

Items of business:
◎ Standard and Non-standard Header Screw punch
◎ 3 – 5 Axis CNC Engraving Machining
◎ CNC Engraving Tungsten Carbide Screw Punch
◎ Six – Lobe (TX) Punch
◎ Screw Punch and Die with Convex Marking
◎ Screw Punch and Die with Concave Marking
◎ Hex Washer Head Inserts
◎ Piercing Punch
◎ Punch Pin
◎ CNC Engraving Tungsten Carbide Screw Die
◎ Special Tooling
◎ Screw header punch
◎ Conventional CNC Lathe Machining
◎ CNC Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
◎ Electrode Tooling
◎ Square Punch
◎ Cruciform Punch
◎ Phillips Punch
◎ Recess Punch
◎ Ejector Pin
◎ Diversified Screw Dies
◎ Customized Screw Dies
◎ Laser Engraving
◎ Screw second punch
◎ CNC Milling Machining
◎ Fine Hole EDM Drilling
◎ Wire EDM
◎ Hexagon Punch
◎ Twelve Point Punch
◎ PoziDrive Punch
◎ Nut Punch
◎ Knock – Out Punch
◎ Trim Dies
◎ Wobble Broaches
◎ Fastener - Fingers
◎ screw punch and dies